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Beyonce's Hairstylist's Photo of Tina Knowles's Natural Hair

This Video From Beyoncé's Hairstylist Shows She Got Her Natural Hair From Her Mama

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When Beyoncé's longtime hairstylist Neal Farinah recently posted a photo of the singer's curls with the caption "ALL NATURAL" and hashtag #naturalcurlyhair, the internet freaked out. Some were in awe of her luscious, thick mane, while others couldn't believe that was Bey's real hair. The two opposing sides escalated into a full-on war in the comments section. Neal ended up posting an Instagram video likely in response to the (totally unwarranted!) speculation.

"Underneath wigs and weaves, black women have some of the most beautiful, curly hair. It's a choice a woman makes. And that's the choice for a black woman to choose to wear a wig or weave — if she wants to. Ain't nothing wrong with it," he said. "So, the myth of a black woman not having hair? Y'all think again. Because they have some of the most beautiful, textured hair. Recognize."

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After saying his piece, Neal further made his point when he posted more photos of his recent work on Beyoncé with the caption "BEAUTIFUL NATURAL CURLY HAIR." Some close-up shots of Beyoncé with long, straight hair had people up in arms once more after Neal wrote, "SAY WHAT: REAL."


SAY WHAT :REAL @beyonce #hairstylist #nealfarinahsaloninc #nealfarinahinc #nealfarinahsalon

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While no black woman should ever have to offer "proof" that her hair is real or defend it in any way, if anyone ever questioned Beyoncé's blessed locks, they should look no further than her mom, Tina Knowles. Neal also reposted a video of himself and Tina that showed off similarly textured hair.

"People have been asking me how I get the natural, curly look," Tina said in the video. "My hair is naturally curly. I washed it. I put it up. And Neal put a few curls in it to define it. I went on a boat and it got really frizzy last night, so it's being curled again. I just want to show you how he did it."

Neal demonstrated touching up her curls using a skinny marcel iron. "THIS IS HOW I SLAY THAT GOOD ALL NATURAL BEAUTIFUL CURLY HAIR: RECOGNIZE," he wrote, "ANY QUESTIONS[?]"

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Several folks in the comments acknowledged Neal was likely throwing some shade to people who thought Beyoncé's hair wasn't real. "Well look at that! Now we see where Bey gets her natural beautiful locks from," user krittieinthecity wrote. "YES! All that healthy hair. Beyoncé inherited her Mother's hair genes (similar curl pattern and thickness)," justactinup commented.

There you have it: Beyoncé is just blessed with bountiful natural curls (as she is blessed with an amazing voice, dance skills, that body . . . basically everything). Case closed.

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