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Boob Nail Art

Nipple Nail Art Is the Perkiest Way to Free the Frickin' Nipple

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We're always open to trying new nail designs β€” rose quartz nails, geode nails, and even ice cream nails β€” but the latest trend is seriously raising eyebrows. We spotted nipple nail art on Instagram and let's just say the nipple has never been so free.

New York-based nail artist Mei Kawajiri created the perky design for a client and can we talk about how detailed these nips are?! Each finger is unique with a different skin tone, some have smaller areolas, some have raised nipples, and the best ones are the nipples with piercings. Pierced nails are definitely nothing new, but nipple nail art piercings is something we never thought we'd see.

While it might make some of your coworkers uncomfortable, we have to point out how badass this idea is. Instagram's harsh no-nipple policy has made it virtually impossible for women to bare their nipples on social media, and although the same rules don't apply for men, this new nail trend makes it possible for women to actually free the nipple without being shamed. It's the breast!

So, would you try this nipple nail art trend?

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