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Desi Beauty Bloggers

17 Desi Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow on Instagram

Desi Beauty Bloggers
Image Source: Instagram

If you're not already aware of the huge desi beauty blogger community, then you are missing out on some of the best hair and makeup gurus on the Internet. These gorgeous beauty babes are all of South Asian descent, and they have loads of knowledge about products for darker skin, how to color stubborn hair, and how to follow gorgeous cultural beauty traditions. People of every ethnic background can learn from these Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi women — I personally learned how to accentuate my brown eyes thanks to these gurus and now count red lipstick as a vital part of my under-eye concealer routine. So if you're not already following these must-watch channels, be sure to subscribe . . . your arsenal of beauty secrets will be way more impressive with their help!

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