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Drew Barrymore Flower Line at Ulta

Drew Barrymore's Flower Line Is Coming to Ulta — Exclusive First Look at What's New!

Drew Barrymore Flower Line at Ulta

Drew Barrymore is so involved with her beauty brand, Flower, that she actually presents the products to editors at their offices! The actress is known to travel around Manhattan with her PR team, showing editors firsthand what is new from her affordable, easy-to-wear line. This is atypical for a celebrity to do (hint: Rihanna — we'd gladly host you to learn what's new from Fenty Beauty!), and it lets us beauty journalists know Drew is not just licensing her name away. She's really involved with making the fun, authentic, and cruelty-free makeup.

Flower — which includes everything from floral-embossed blushes to kitschy sheet masks — is all mostly under $20. The six-year-old brand was previously only sold at the brand's e-commerce site and Walmart. But we have good news: Flower is coming to Ulta!

Keep reading for an exclusive first look at these fresh launches before you can add them to your cart!

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