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Karlie Kloss Teaspoon Eyelash Trick Video on James Corden

Karlie Kloss Just Curled James Corden's Lashes With a Teaspoon — Yes, Really

There are plenty of nifty tricks and hacks when it comes to makeup, and who can blame us for wanting a quicker and more effective routine? Whether you're attempting to make cheap false lashes look real with this easy trick or figuring out the dos and don'ts of exercise and eyelash extensions, there's no shortage of information out there, but it seems there are still plenty of tips we've not yet tried.

One such trick is using a teaspoon to curl your eyelashes. Karlie Kloss (who is always a fan of a fun beauty trick) demonstrated this method while stopping by The Late Late Show With James Corden. Using a teaspoon that Corden conveniently had in his suit pocket, Kloss held it just above his eyelid and pressed his lashes up against it (no doubt having been in Corden's pocket, the spoon was nicely warmed when she used it) to create a subtle curl on his "already incredible lashes."

Watch the clip above to see if you think this beauty hack delivers on its promise. Perhaps next time you find yourself at a hotel room or at work without your beloved eyelash curlers, just grab a spoon (a clean one, please) for all your eyelash curling wishes.

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