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What Is Back to MAC?

Here's How to Snag a Brand-New, FREE MAC Cosmetics Lipstick Without Spending Any Cash

It's been said that yelling "FREE!" is more likely to grab strangers' attention than "FIRE!" (Sad, but true.) For that reason, there's no doubt in our minds that the mere implication of complimentary cosmetics is likely to cause a stampede. And we can only imagine the kind of frenzy that free MAC Cosmetics products would create.

Luckily, there's a way that anyone can snag their favorite MAC lipstick without spending a cent: the little-known Back to MAC recycling program. The way it works is simple. Fans of the brand turn in six empty product packages to their local MAC counter or to the company's website. Then, they receive a free lipstick as a thank you for recycling.

If you're not sure if your empty products qualify, know that nearly every package is eligible. Empty lash cases, used-up lipsticks, finished eye shadows and liners, dried-out mascara tubes, completed bottles of foundation . . . it all works. Samples, paper boxes or cellophane, and makeup cases do not.


However, if you're part of the MAC Select rewards program, you have even more freebie options. After returning the empty containers of six MAC products, you can receive a free lipstick, lip gloss, or single eye shadow.

This is a great deal considering all you have to do is scrounge around your stash for old MAC swag for a fresh new lipstick. Even better, you're giving back to the environment because you're recycling! Now the only hard decision you have to make is which shade you'll select for your freebie.

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