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What Are Bubble Masks?

Bubble Masks Are the Easiest, Most Exciting Way to Get Glowing Skin

What Are Bubble Masks?

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Around the middle of the week, the effects of stress, exhaustion, and our coffee addiction become really apparent on our faces. We've tried everything from full-coverage concealers to heavy-duty highlighters to fake a healthier complexion, but that's only hiding the issue, not treating it. Since we don't quite have the time to get more than seven hours of sleep (and you can't take our lattes away from us), we tracked down the ultimate skin savior: bubble masks.

Also known as oxygen masks, these formulas are not a new innovation. However, because women have been taking selfies of their foamy faces, the products have seen a sudden surge in popularity. They're easy to use — just slick it over your skin, then wait a few minutes without touching your complexion. Soon you'll feel an effervescent sensation and see froth forming!

If you ever made yourself a Santa Claus beard out of bubble bath foam as a child, just think of this as the adult version . . . but with major benefits. Many of these masks boast features like oil control, makeup removal, and antioxidant infusion, but the suds are the best part. The tiny bubbles clear out any gunk clogging your pores, all while waking up your skin. Once you rinse your face clean, you'll look fresh and glowing — no beauty sleep required. Read on to shop some of our favorite formulas.

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