Becky G Has More Tattoos Than You May Realize

Becky G is quickly adding to her tattoo collection. The singer started getting ink back in 2016 and since then, has added numerous designs to her arms, back, and neck. Though she clearly has a favorite style — black ink, fine-line tattoos — she likes to switch up the artists she goes to. Her oldest known designs are a small dragonfly on her side and a wrist tattoo for her family.

Back in February 2021, Becky G visited a tattoo parlor and left with not one but two new pieces of ink. The "MAMIII" singer revealed via Instagram that she got the tattoos on Feb. 8, 2021, after a visit to famed Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Saul Lira. One of the pieces of ink was placed under her right ear and reads "resilient" in cursive. The other one is on her right inner wrist. The Treslúce Beauty founder shared the designs with the caption "Inglewood, CA. "LA 🌴🖤💯."

Then, almost exactly two years later, in February 2023, Becky G added two more tiny tattoos to her collection. This time, Michelle Santana, an artist at Bang Bang Tattoo, was behind the ink. According to Santana's caption, she's been tattooing the star since 2018. Most of Becky G's tattoos hold a special meaning to her — many of her designs represent her family, while others are for her hometown.

Ahead, get a closer look at all of Becky G's tattoos and learn the meaning of each design.

Additional reporting by Danielle Jackson

Becky G's "3" Arm Tattoo

In February 2023, Becky G visited tattoo artist Santana for a new tiny design. She got a "3" in a thick, gothic font on the inside of her elbow. It matches an older dollar sign design on her other arm.

Becky G's "Los Angeles" Arm Tattoo

Becky G's "Los Angeles" Arm Tattoo

In February 2021, Becky G got "Los Angeles" tattooed on the side of her arm by Lira. The design is in a thin script font and black ink. She shared a behind-the-scenes photo of her in the chair getting inked on Instagram.

Becky G's "Resilient" Neck Tattoo

During that same visit to Lira to get the "Los Angeles" arm tattoo, Becky G also got the word "resilient" inked behind her ear running down her neck.

Becky G's Roman Numeral Back Tattoo
Getty | Jason Mendez

Becky G's Roman Numeral Back Tattoo

Becky G's largest tattoo is the roman numeral design running down her spine. She got it in 2018 from tattoo artist Dr. Woo and shared a photo of the process on Instagram with the caption, "A forever kind of thing." The ink reads: "X·XXVII·MCMXCIX·IV·XVIII·MMI·I·III·MMIII," which are her three siblings's birthdays.

Becky G's Script Rib Cage Tattoo
Getty | Scott Dudelson

Becky G's Script Rib Cage Tattoo

On her ribcage, Becky G has a small script tattoo that's often hidden from the public eye. It's unclear exactly what the ink says and when she got it.

Becky G's Rose Wrist Tattoo and Dollar Sign Arm Tattoo
Getty | Mireya Acierto

Becky G's Rose Wrist Tattoo and Dollar Sign Arm Tattoo

Becky G has two small tattoos on her left arm. One is a rose, located right below her existing wrist tattoo. The other tiny piece of ink is a dollar sign near her inner elbow. She's had both of the tattoos for years.

Becky G's "Faith" and "Family" Wrist Tattoos

In July 2018, Becky G got the word "Faith" in script tattooed on the inside of her right wrist. The design is by Dr. Woo. It matches the "Familia" tattoo that she has on the inside of her left wrist, which dates back to 2016 and is by the same artist.

Becky G's Dragon Fly Ribcage Tattoo

It's believed that one of Becky G's very first tattoos is the dragonfly on her rib cage (along with "Familia" on her wrist). She got the design in September 2016 from Dr. Woo. The ink represents a cousin that she lost when she was younger.