17 Black-and-White Nail Art Ideas That Will Match Any Outfit

Picking just one nail color can be a challenge, especially when you'll have to commit to it for a week or two through various outfit changes and occasions. That's why some people tend to stick to more neutral manicures; your nails won't clash with all of your outfits when they are painted a simple hue.

Still, if you want something simple but goes beyond your basic milk-bath creams, pinks, or beige colors, you do have another option: black and white nails.

The combination has been a timeless classic for a reason: not only does the trend look modern and edgy, but you can also make it work with virtually any outfit in your closet. Whether you opt for painting all five fingers on one hand black and the other all white, or find some way to incorporate both shades onto a single nail look — like the always gorgeous negative space manicure, for example — the options to choose from are endless when it comes to black and white nail art.

That said, finding the best black and white nail designs can be just as difficult as choosing a hue at the nail salon, and that's where we come in. From nail art ideas that look best on acrylic tips to designs that work for black tie events, keep reading to find the manicure inspiration for every vibe and occasion.

Black-and-White French Manicure

French manicures are already a staple, but add in some negative space black-and-white nail art and you have a manicure that is practically perfect.

Black-and-White Pattern Nails

Pattern nails can feel pretty busy, but one way to give them some coherence is to match the pattern on the same finger on the opposite hand as seen here.

Black-and-White Shadow French Tips

Shadow french nails are the perfect way to take black-and-white nail art designs up a notch. The white smile line adds a bit of something extra.

Black-and-White Animal-Print Nails

Whether you're partial to cows, Dalmatians, or even zebras, the animal kingdom has a flock of nail art inspiration to pull from. Considering the popularity of animal print, you're sure to gain a bevy of compliments from beauty-lovers with this manicure. An unexpected way to wear the trend? Try a snow leopard's pattern.

Black-and-White Zebra Stripe Nails

Black-and-white nail art designs can take shape in any form, like this zebra-print design.

Black-and-White Cow Print Nails

Cow print feels like one of the most classic black-and-white nail designs out there. (It's also quite fitting of the "horse girl" trend that's everywhere right now.)

Matte Black-and-White Nail Design

The black-and-white color combination doesn't have to be the only star of the show — the finish is just as important. Instead of a high-shine top coat, opt for a matte one.

Black-and-White Accent Nails

Black-and-white accent nails can feel just as impactful as a full-out themed manicure. Take this white manicure that has black-and-white zebra stripes on the ring and pinky fingers.

Black-and-White Checker Nails

Remember when checker belts and backpacks ruled the mall while you hummed Avril Lavigne's "Sk8er Boi?" These 2000s-inspired nails will take you back.

Long Black-and-White Nails

If you prefer long nails, black-and-white designs will look even more impactful with the added length.

Black-and-White Pattern Nails

If you can't decide on which black-and-white nail art trend to try, why not get a different design on each finger?

Black-and-White Negative Space Nails

Combine the negative space nail art trend with this neutral color palette for a truly modern-looking mani. How intricate you want the design to be is entirely up to you.

Simple Black-and-White Nail Designs

Add a splash of color to the tips and inner-corners of your nails for an easy black-and-white nail art design that still shows a bit of your natural nail underneath.

Black-and-White Line Art Nails

Line art has never looked as chic as it does in this manicure. The added dot in the middle of the finger in an opposing color from the line feels super intentional and artsy.

Black-and-White Logo Nails

Big fan of brands like Nike? Get their logo etched onto your nail in the opposing colors of your base shade used. For example, if you have a white base shade, get the logo in black.

Black-and-White Adidas Nails

If Adidas is more your speed, the brand's logo is just as easy to replicate for your black-and-white manicure.

Black-and-White Chanel Nails

If Chanel bags aren't in your budget getting the logo on your nails feels like the next best thing, right?

— Additional reporting by Ariel Baker

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