These Colorful Glitter Makeup Brushes Look Even More Mesmerizing in Motion

Oh, how we love beautifully designed makeup brushes. Whether holographic, rose gold, or Mean Girls-inspired, they make our daily beauty routines 10 times more fun (and Instagrammable!). The latest set to catch our eye comes from the UK-based brand Cosmic Brushes. Behold, the liquid glitter brush.

If you think the still image above is already gorgeous, you have to witness the brushes in motion. The glitter you see isn't merely a pattern, but loose inside liquid-filled handles. It falls like snow and is damn mesmerizing to look at:

The brushes come solo (there are $20 blush brushes and $23 fan brushes) and in sets ($59) in a variety of dreamy colors including blue, silver, gold, pink, purple, and rainbow.

There's only one downside: almost all of these brushes are totally sold out. At least the new Kabuki Set ($59), which features black and red brushes with red glitter handles, will be restocked weekly leading up to Christmas. Fingers crossed that everything else restocks ASAP, because these beauties have officially made it to the top of our holiday wish lists.

Let's admire them even more with photos and videos ahead.