Got a Pair of Tights Lying Around? This Genius Hack Creates Perfect Waves Without the Heat

We know heat styling our hair isn't the best thing for it, which is why we're always looking for ways to give our hair a much-needed break from the habit. But air-drying doesn't always give the results we crave, especially when it comes to creating waves on otherwise straight or wave-less hair. Celebrity hairstylist and beauty expert Justine Marjan has a fix for that, and it involves using a pair of tights or stockings in your hair. Yes, really.

Marjan shared a video on Instagram for an easy heatless waves technique she's been using on her hair lately. All it entails is taking a pair of tights or stockings and braiding them into damp hair. Unlike the crimped, tighter waves you get when you braid your hair normally and let it air-dry, the tights make the style looser, resulting in a natural-looking curl. Check out the step-by-step below.

Step 1: Grab a Pair of Tights

When your hair is damp, you're ready to get started. Find a pair of old tights or stockings that you have lying around.

Step 2: Clip the Tights Onto Your Head

Marjan recommends clipping the tights at the top of your head to hold them in place while you braid. Position them with the legs falling to either side, then section your hair into two pieces.

Step 3: Create a Basic 3-Strand French Braid

Start to french braid your hair, incorporating the tights as one of the three strands of the braid. At the ends of the two braids, tie them off with a hair tie. If you don't have one, that's OK, too — Marjan used the tights to secure them.

Step 4: Sleep on It

Now that your braids are complete, you can remove the clip. The next step: wait. Sleep on your hair as you normally would.

Step 5: Reveal Your Curls

In the morning, simply unravel the braids and rack your fingers through the curls. Your hair will thank you for this heat-free wave technique.