I Can't Tear My Eyes Away From Demi Lovato's Pastel-Meets-Punk Pixie Cut

Halfway through winter, Demi Lovato has us dreaming of spring with her strawberry lemonade pink hairdo. After chopping her hair down to a sleek blond pixie cut in November, the "Still Have Me" singer took to Instagram on Jan. 11 to share a video of her new pink 'do (created by stylist Amber Maynard Bolt) from all angles. The ultimate combo of pastel and punk, Lovato's hair looks like it'd pair perfectly with a cool motorcycle jacket or a rockstar stage outfit. So, yes, this badass hairstyle is absolutely going on our list of hair trends to try out in 2021.

Take a closer look at Demi's shaggy pink pixie cut here, and check out a few other disconnected haircuts that are already on trend in 2021.