Drew Barrymore's New Tattoo Is So Meaningful to Her, It Actually Made Her Cry

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Drew Barrymore got a new tattoo this week, and it's a special dedication to her family. In celebration of Mother's Day, the actress decided to get some ink on her inner forearm while filming an episode of her talk show on May 6. She invited artist and Ink Master alum Ryan Ashley on the show and got the phrase "Home is where we are" in cursive writing.

Per Barrymore's description during the segment, "Home is where we are" is a phrase that she came up with on her own after having her two daughters, Olive and Frankie. "I've been saying it to myself for the last five years," she explained. "If you're somewhere on vacation, or you're in a rental, or you're in transition, or you have to move from one state to the next — if you're together, that's where home is." The new tattoo sits between a wrist tattoo of both of her daughters' names and a second forearm design of a bird.

In a teary-eyed video that she later shared to IGTV, Barrymore further explained the meaning of the new ink. "I never knew what home was until I had my daughters," she said. "I thought, 'I'm gonna make us a home that will be forever and so strong' — and then life changed and our plans changed, and we had to move and it all ended up working out."

She continued, "When I was in rental apartments, or not knowing where life was going, or so upset that the plans I tried to solidify for my kids had changed, it really led to the discovery of what home really means for me — and that is if we are together, wherever we are, home is where we are."