Festive Easter Nail Art Ideas to Inspire You

Winter has finally wrapped up, and spring is here. Longer days and warmer weather call for new wardrobes and accessories, including fresh nails — and with Easter around the corner, it's time to think about Easter nail art ideas. Some people like to plan ahead on what they're going to wear to Easter dinner, while others like to put all of the focus on the designs they'll sport on their fingertips. If the latter statement resonates best with you, you're probably on the hunt for Easter nail designs. The most festive manicures feature traditional Easter colors like pinks, blues, yellows, purples, and greens — but that's only the beginning. Some of our favorite options include intricate egg patterns, little chicks, and cute bunnies.

However, if your style is more minimal, you can still have Easter nails that feel festive without overdoing it. Your everyday spring manicure can double as simple Easter nail art with some minor tweaks. For a modern manicure, we like pastel colors, glazed finishes, and Easter french tip nails. If you go this route, you'll be able to wear the design for days (or weeks if you gel nails) after the holiday has passed.

You don't have to rely on your own creativity to come up with cool Easter nail designs. We rounded up a ton of Easter nail art ideas for you to sort through. Depending on what style you want, there's a mix of show-stopping manicures that will earn you lots of attention, along with more subtle, minimalist nail designs for those with a low-key beauty vibe. Keep scrolling to see the best Easter nail ideas to consider for yourself.

Additional reporting by Jessica Harrington and Ariel Baker

Cute Flower French Tip Easter Nails

Easter nails can come in a variety of looks. This side-tip design has different Easter colors and features floral accents.

Flower French Tip Easter Nail Art

This all-yellow Easter nail art design will carry you through the holiday and the rest of the spring season.

Abstract Shapes

These simple easter nails have a matte finish and feature abstract shapes in different holiday-inspired colors like orange, pink, green, yellow, and blue.

Matte French Tip Easter Nails

Change up your traditional french manicure design by adding a pop of color and a matte top coat to your Easter manicure.

Checkered Print Easter Nails

These checker-print nails feature Easter colors over a negative space base.

Speckled Eggs Easter Nail Art

This nail design looks exactly like the speckled eggs decorated at Easter. They make the perfect theme for your Easter nail art.

Pastel Easter Nails With Bedazzled Bunnies

The cutest thing about this Easter nail look has to be the bedazzled bunny tails.

Short Bunny French Tip Easter Nails

This fun Easter nail design puts a twist on the classic french twist with blue bunny ears.

Spring Easter Nail Art Designs

With the cooked egg, daisy, and painted eggs, this is as adorable of an Easter manicure as you're going to get.

Easy Baby-Blue Easter Nails

The baby-blue color is the perfect way to ring in spring, and we can't resist the bedazzled bunny tail that gives this Easter manicure a 3D element.

Painted Easter Egg Nails

Tiny painted eggs will never not be perfect for an Easter manicure. The little bunnies on the thumbs are the icing on the cake.

Simple Easter Manicure

These Easter nails keep it simple with alternating spring colors.

Muted Easter Nails

Prefer something a bit more subdued for your Easter nails? This color combination is perfect for a subtle pop of color.

Marble Easter Nail Art

Marble teal and violet hues are the stars of this Easter nail art look. Combined with that perfect coffin shape? Perfection.