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What Do "Euphoria" Star Dominic Fike's 8 Tattoos Mean?

The Meaning Behind "Euphoria" Star Dominic Fike's 8 Tattoos

What Do "Euphoria" Star Dominic Fike's 8 Tattoos Mean?

Image Source: Getty/ Jeff Kravitz

Dominic Fike has made a name for himself on the hit HBO series "Euphoria" as Elliot, the character people love to hate. However, before his debut on the silver screen, Fike was actually most known as a professional musician signed to Columbia Records. The singer-songwriter rose to recognition after becoming popular on the music-sharing app SoundCloud and went on to release two albums in 2018 and 2022. Still, after "Euphoria"'s season two finale on Sunday (and his four-minute-long rendition of the song "Little Star"), fans of the show are now more interested in Fike than ever — especially when it comes to his tattoos.

While Fike has never stated exactly how many tattoos he has, there are at least eight known designs that he has shown publicly over the years. His most notable ink, the apple under his eye, has fans on social media in a frenzy, some of whom are saying Fike has made them fall in love with face tattoos.

No matter your opinion of Elliot on the show, if you've ever wondered the significance behind each of his tattoos, we did a little digging for you. From the tiny apple design to the lettering on his forehead, we're revealing the meaning behind all of Fike's known tattoos ahead.

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