"Hair Frosting" Is the Winter Color Trend You're Going to See Everywhere

When you hear "hair frosting," what comes to mind? If it's Justin Timberlake during his *NSYNC era, we have good news. Much like the past nostalgic hair trends that have experienced a recent renewal — think chunky highlights, the bouncy blowout, and the shag haircut — the hair color trend has received a much-needed update for 2022. Instead of the white tips that we saw in the '90s, this look is a lot more subtle and blended, making it incredibly wearable for fall, winter, and beyond.

"We haven't seen frosted tips since the '90s, but with all trends, they make a comeback," celebrity hairstylist Jamie Wiley tells POPSUGAR. The look is already a hit, just take a peek at Hailey Bieber's mushroom-brown color from last year. It incorporated blond babylights blended throughout her entire head and face-framing pieces for a "frosted" look. Other examples are Sofia Richie and Kaia Gerber, who've both worn the trend for quite some time, and Marsai Martin, who wore a braided version of the look earlier this year.

If you're due for a fall hair appointment but not sure what to get, keep reading to learn more about the hair frosting trend.

What Is "Hair Frosting"?

"Hair frosting" is a color technique that creates dimension by adding highlights and lowlights. "The lightened hair falls precisely among the darker hair, which resembles how frost settles atop trees," Wiley says.

The color is only added to select strands throughout the entire head, giving an ultra-blended look. "Hair frosting differs from traditional foils and balayage as the hair is lightened on individual strands of hair, while the hair next to it is left untouched, showcasing a beautiful dimension," Wiley says. This helps refresh your overall color without the need for a big transformation. "Frosting gives a more muted subtle effect; the tones are meant to blend together and create softness." To customize the look even more, hair frosting can be strategically placed to help draw the eye to a particular area, like around the face for face-framing highlights.

Seamless regrowth is a big perk to this coloring technique — it's hard to notice a discrepancy between the previously colored hair and the new growth thanks to the dispersed placement. It also works on all hair types and colors, as the tones can be adjusted to fit your starting base color.

If you're convinced that you've found your new style, Wiley has some tips for the salon: "I always recommend bringing three pictures to the salon: the color inspiration, the haircut inspiration, and the style inspiration." This helps give your stylist a comprehensive idea of what you want. "The color inspiration photo would show the soft hair frosting look on someone that has similar hair color and texture, that way, it's relatable to you and your hair journey."

Get inspiration for the "hair frosting" color trend ahead.

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