Halle Bailey Lets Down Her Hair in a Set of Rapunzel-Inspired Selfies

Halle Bailey is set to play Princess Ariel on screen, but off camera, she might be more of a Rapunzel. On April 25, the "Little Mermaid" star posted a set of selfies on Instagram showing off her glossy new hair extensions. The light-brown curls cascaded well past her shoulders, adding fairy-tale length to her dreadlocks. "rapunzel rapunzel, let down your hairrr," Bailey captioned photos of the look. In the comments, her sister, Chloë, chimed in with "beautiful" and a heart-eye emoji.

Bailey even snuck in a nod to Rapunzel's signature color — lavender — with some subtle purple eyeshadow and a rosy lip. The "Do It" singer also slipped on a pair of multihoop earrings and a gold heart-shaped locket that added a hint of fairy-tale romance to the look.

In June 2019, Disney announced that Bailey would star as Princess Ariel in the upcoming "Little Mermaid" reboot. The film began production in January 2021 and is currently set for a May 26, 2023, release date. But just because she's already secured her role as one Disney princess doesn't mean she can't add two crowns to her résumé.

Admire Bailey's gorgeous Rapunzel hair from all angles here.