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17 Halloween Stiletto Nail Art Ideas and Photos

17 Halloween Stiletto Nail Art Looks That Are Equal Parts Spooky and Alluring

  • Stiletto nails are defined as long with pointy tips.
  • It is the perfect nail shape to add to your spooky Halloween costume.
  • Stiletto nails look great with designs like spiderwebs, bats, blood drips, and more.

It's pointy, long, and perfect for Halloween — no, we're not talking about a witches hat, but rather the stiletto nail shape. This sexy nail shape is popular among nail-art lovers like Megan thee Stallion, Khloe Kardashian, and Cardi B and is great for creating a manicure inspired by the spooky holiday because of how fierce (and borderline dangerous) it looks. Plus, the array of design options you can choose from are scary good.

The best part about stiletto Halloween nail art is that the inspiration comes in many forms, including designs quintessential to Halloween like bats, blood drips, and spiderwebs. Some even transform your manicure into a small but memorable part of your costume for the evening. Check out the spookiest Halloween nail art looks that use the sharp shape, ahead.

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