Kim Kardashian Will Not Hear Any Side-Part Slander

A side-part renaissance is upon us, and Kim Kardashian is on board. Although the Skims founder frequently changes her length and hair color, she rarely ever strays from her trademark middle part, which has continued to gain popularity in recent months thanks to some lighthearted teasing from Gen Z. But while TikTok may see side parts as inherently dated, Kardashian looked chic and modern with hers in the photo she shared on Instagram.

Friends like Emily Ratajkowski and Tracy Romulus were quick to comment on the new style, expressing their enthusiasm over the side part with heart eyes and flame emoji. Kardashian's hairstylist, Chris Appleton, also shared his approval a day earlier when she first debuted the new hair, writing "Yes side part." While the side part is a big departure for Kardashian, there's no telling how permanent of a change it will be. Previously, she's experimented with all kinds of aesthetics, including a blond lob, bleached brows, and even "glass hair."

Though many celebrities still swear by their middle parts, this may be a sign that the tide is once again shifting back in favor of side-part stans. See Kardashian make a case for the return of the side part below, and find out if you're ready to make the switch yourself.