Is Lady Gaga's Manicure Some Sort of Hint About Her VMAs Performance? Methinks Yes

Lady Gaga is all prepped and ready for her highly anticipated VMAs appearance this Sunday. She's soaked up some R&R in the sun, she's taken an ice bath to prep those muscles for some onstage dancing, and yep, she's gotten her nails done to award-show-ready perfection. On Wednesday evening, the "Stupid Love" singer shared a glimpse at her freshly painted acrylics, which are now a similar aqua color as her hair. They're not just any ol' acrylics, though — her nails are cut into her favorite stiletto shape and fade out into a frosty off-white hue toward the tips, so yeah, they're pretty darn chic.

One may see Gaga's gradient mani and think, "Oh, that's cute! She matched her nails to her hair!," before double-tapping and continuing to scroll through their feed. But we, on the other hand, couldn't help but put on our detective hats, bust out a magnifying glass, and theorize about a possible connection to her upcoming VMAs performance with Ariana Grande. The two are set to perform their hit single "Rain on Me" during the award show, so perhaps Lady Gaga's nails are a subtle hint at the overall color scheme? We can totally picture it now: Grande and Gaga rocking blue iridescent bodysuits, fishnets, and thigh-high boots while belting out their dance-y anthem as rain falls on the stage.

Considering the fact that Grande's fans predicted her collab with Lady Gaga far before it was revealed solely based on her blush-pink holographic nail art, we'd say our speculation isn't too far off. Guess we'll have to wait until Sunday to see what goes down on the VMAs stage!