Lady Gaga Is Gearing Up For the 2020 MTV VMAs Like a Pro Athlete: In an Ice-Cold Bath

The 2020 MTV Video Music Awards will be held outdoors this year with limited or no audience due to the global pandemic — but the stars are still preparing like it's any other award show, and we can't wait to see them deliver. Take Lady Gaga, for instance, who will be performing "Rain on Me" with Ariana Grande and racked up nine nominations ahead of the Aug. 30 ceremony; she's recovering from rehearsals with a freezing-cold ice bath favored by athletes.

Gaga is known for her ice baths — she shared her post-show routine last October — and said that, aside form soaking in hot water and recovering in a full-body compression suit with icepacks, she submerges herself in a tub of ice water for five to 10 minutes. It's no wonder she likes to do this form of recovery! Her performances can be physically demanding, and we know that cold-water immersion may help with inflammation and muscle aches.

We wish Gaga the best of luck this weekend (and a warm, cozy bed to sleep in after her ice baths!).