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Watch Lana Condor's Boyfriend Do Her Makeup

Lana Condor's Boyfriend Did Her Makeup, and the Way He Contours Is Next Level

Lana Condor has a contouring wizard on her hands. The actress and pizza chef extraordinaire recently granted her boyfriend the valued task of doing her makeup, and luckily for us, we got to watch the whole thing play out on YouTube. Throughout the 16-minute video, Condor's boyfriend, Anthony De La Torre, flexed all of the makeup knowledge he's picked up through their five-year relationship . . . erm, well, some makeup knowledge. It all started with a Beautyblender that had Condor raising her eyebrows and saying, "He's pounding my eye, I feel like I'm under attack!"

Despite rocking plenty of liner while playing young Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, De La Torre could've used some assistance with Condor's eye makeup. Sure, he was going for themes of space and nature, but things definitely took a turn when he mistook her double-sided eyebrow pencil for mascara. "This is the eyebrow-scara," he joked, adding that he thought her actual mascara looked like a tampon holder. Check out the video above, and prepare to be impressed with the final results of Condor's makeup look (seriously).

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