Lavender Hair is Equal Parts Dreamy and Bold

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Nothing adds a bounce to your step quite like a fresh dye job, and while shades of brunette, platinum blond, and copper are timeless, a new trend is gaining attention. Lavender hair is breezy, fresh, and the perfect color for spring.

The lavender-hair-color trend is exactly as it sounds: a light shade of purple reminiscent of the delicate budding plant that covers meadows in the English countryside. This isn't the first time that we've seen this hue, but like most trends, it's made a triumphant return and coming in hot — or more like cool once you catch sight of this silvery shine.

It may seem like a complicated process to go from your natural hair color to lavender, but with the help of a professional stylist, you can reach your dream hue in no time. No matter if you have straight, wavy, curly, or coily hair, it's flattering on everyone. Ahead, two hair experts share everything you need to know about going lavender, including how to maintain the color at home.

What Is Lavender Hair?

Lavender can also be described as pastel purple. "The hair needs to be bleached to almost white to get the lavender color," Rita Hazan, a celebrity hair colorist with a list of clientele that includes Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, and Mariah Carey, tells POPSUGAR. Whether you go for a full head of color, a few strategically placed highlights, or silver-lavender hair, there are endless ways to wear the shade.

Jason Backe, master colorist and cofounder of Starring by Ted Gibson, says there are two methods for achieving the look. You can do it yourself with an at-home hair-color kit or you can see a professional, which is recommended. "Make sure to bring in some inspo pictures, and be open to the pro's opinion," Backe says.

Best Lavender-Hair-Dye Options

If you'd rather attempt to color your hair at home, there are plenty of lavender-hair-dye options out there to choose from.

"There are several great colors you can play with, but I love the classic Manic Panic Velvet Violet ($14)," Backe says. Hazan always recommends the Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent Hair Color Lilac ($17) and Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Tint Semi-Permanent Hair Color ($17), and we like the Good Dye Young Semi Permanent Purple Hair Dye in Stoned Pony ($19). Both hair colorists say the lighter your natural or starting shade is, the more vibrant the pastel lavender hair color will turn out.

How to Maintain Lavender Hair at Home

No matter what color you go with, you can't escape a little hair maintenance, and lavender is no exception. The biggest thing to keep in mind, according to Hazan and Backe, is that frequent showering will cause your color to fade faster. That doesn't mean you have to avoid washing your hair altogether; instead, "try cutting back on shampooing and use a dry shampoo," Backe says. When you need a good, old-fashioned lather and rinse, look for shampoos formulated for color-treated hair.

Then it's a good idea to visit the salon for a monthly hair gloss to help maintain your color's vibrancy and shine.

Lavender-Hair-Color Inspiration

Multidimensional Lavender Hair

Purple, lavender, and pink colors blend together in this long, wavy style.

Lavender Money-Piece Highlights

You don't have to fully commit to dyeing your entire head lavender if you don't want to. The trend looks just as good on money-piece highlights framing the face.

Curly Lavender Hair

Curly hair looks hypnotic when paired with a lavender hue, especially when blended with your natural color.

Lavender Pixie Haircut

Whether you have long or short hair, this shade has no limits, which you can see on this short pixie cut.

Lavender With Brunette Hair

Incorporating lavender into your natural dark-hair color using a peek-a-boo technique makes for a mesmerizing surprise when you sport a half-up style.

Lavender Bob

This bob features dark roots and grey-lavender hair toward the ends.