The Micro-French-Manicure Trend Is a Minimalist's Dream

  • The "micro french" manicure trend is perfect for minimalists.
  • The nail-art style sees a thin line of color just on the tip of the nail.
  • You can find inspiration for the simple manicure design on Instagram.

Most of the nail-art trends that we've seen rise to popularity over the last few years have been a maximalist's dream. Look at the mismatched nail-art trend, the "Kawaii" trend, and the rhinestone manicure trend, for example. They're bold, over the top, and covered in hand-painted designs and bling. But there's also a new style of nails that's bound to make a minimalist's heart sing: the "micro french" manicure trend.

When french manicures made a comeback after previously falling off of our collective radar for a few years, they came back with a bang. In addition to the traditional style we were used to, we saw numerous other takes enter the rotation: deep french, double french, filigree — and that's only the tip of the iceberg. But the micro french manicure is different from all of those.

"[It's] a thin ribbon of color to the tips of your nails," nail technician Mariela Bosnjak from Rawr Beauty tells POPSUGAR. "Simple but so chic." It can be done in the classic white polish that we're all so familiar with, or you can mix it up by adding color. Bright neon hues or metallic finishes make it especially fitting for spring and summer.

The slim, barely there stroke of color along the edge of your nails over a neutral base is perfect for someone looking to dip their toes into nail art — or anyone who lives by the "less is more" philosophy. It's also great for natural and short-nail enthusiasts, as you don't need much length to pull it off. Get inspiration for the micro-french-manicure trend ahead.

Multi-Colored Metallic Micro-French Manicure

Glitter Micro-French Manicure

Blue Micro-French Manicure

Multi-Colored Micro-French Manicure

Black Micro-French Manicure

White Micro-French Manicure

Green Micro-French Manicure

White Micro-French Manicure

Pink Micro-French Manicure