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Muy Melted Hair-Color Trend For Brunettes

"Muy Melted" Hair Color Is the Best New Trend For Brunettes

Muy Melted Hair-Color Trend For Brunettes

  • There's a new hair-color trend emerging for spring called "muy melted."
  • "Muy melted" is a hair-coloring technique developed specifically for dark bases like brunettes.
  • The colorist who coined "muy melted" is sharing more about the method.

It makes sense: if you spend a lot of time or money on your hair, you probably want to know the latest and greatest methods, innovations, and services available before your next salon visit. If you're a brunette, there's a new hair-coloring technique called "muy melted" designed to give you the multidimensional color of your dreams, and it'll have you calling your hairstylist for a refresh.

"Muy melted" blends together three hair dye shades from root to tip of your hair for a high-contrast look. It refers specifically to dark bases, like brunettes, and gives you seamless, creamy color without any harsh lines or bands that sometimes occur when you blend multiple shades. Considering going brunette is on trend for 2022 — just look at the hottest hair-color trends of the moment, like "expensive brunette," "translucent brown," and "Louis Vuitton color" — its inception couldn't be better timed.

"The biggest complaint among clients with dark hair is flat or dull color," Pati Rodriguez, Matrix global educator, hairstylist, and creator of the technique tells POPSUGAR. "With muy melted, we can offer dimensional, shiny color effects for all those people, without damaging their hair."

The look you get with this coloring technique is completely customizable. Because it involves melting together three different shades ranging from light to dark, the result is perfectly tailored to you. It means you can go as bold or as subtle as you want with your color. Rodriguez explains that at Matrix salons, the brand's SoColor and SoColor Sync Pre-Bonded formulas are used to achieve vibrant, multidimensional color with minimal damage to the hair because the formula protects the its inner structure.

Get inspired for your own multidimensional brunette hair color ahead, and grab your phone because you'll want to dial your salon ASAP.

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