19 Nail-Art Designs That Grow Out Nicely, Because Getting to the Nail Salon Is Hard

Not everyone can make it to the nail salon weekly, or even bi-weekly for that matter, whether it's because you're trying to stick to a budget, COVID-19, or just a lack of time. When trying to make the most out of your nail appointment, it can help to consider nail art and designs that are meant to last a while between visits. We're talking about manicure ideas that not only are resistant to chips, but grow out nicely.

When you're committing to a design that you plan on wearing for the next couple of weeks, you want to consider all of your options. You're not just limited to your classic french manicure (although there are fun ways to make even that design feel unique). Abstract shapes, geometric designs, and even mismatched nail art can all grow out nicely. The key here is to look for negative space manicures on a clear or neutral nail polish base.

By focusing the nail art on the tips of your fingers, there's room for your nails to grow without compromising the design. That way, if it's a week, or two, or even three before you find time to redo it or head back to the nail salon it will still look fresh.

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