26 Pixie Cuts That'll Make Your Short Hair a Big Talking Point

Haircuts are often viewed as a way of letting go, which is why for some people, the shorter the better. We've seen plenty of people cut it all off in the name of turning over a new leaf, and if the bob is just not dramatic enough for you — or if you just can't be bothered with washing, drying, and styling a longer cut — a liberating pixie cut could be right up your alley.

A pixie cut, also known as pixie crop, is a haircut that is usually no more than three inches in length. It's shorter at the back and sides of the head, but longer in the front. Pixie cuts look great on all face shapes, but round, heart shaped, and oval faces are extremely well-suited for pixie cuts. If you have more of a round-shaped face, a pixie cut with bangs would be a great option.

Though you may not be able to experiment with updos, braids, and ponytails, a pixie still offers plenty of versatility. The cut itself can be androgynous and edgy with shaved sections and sharp lines, or softer and more romantic with longer bangs or a clever part that can be adapted to give you different looks. You can go wild with product to spike it up, slick it down, or add texture and curl, and you can also experiment with wild new colors.

For a little Insta-inspiration, see how our favorite takes on the pixie cut, then get that salon appointment booked.

Pixie Cuts With Bangs

Those with round faces who want to try a pixie cut should consider a pixie cut with bangs. Wispy bangs or light layers will make the face appear more narrow.

Blonde Pixie Cuts

Blonde pixie cuts, whether highlights or an all-over color, look great and are extremely eye-catching.

Pixie Cuts With Highlights

If you're looking for a fun way to update your hair without cutting it, try adding highlights. Highlights will give your hair texture and depth, and you can choose whether you want to maintain a subtle look or go for something more daring.

Pixie Cuts With Curly Hair

Pixie cuts look great on curly hair because natural waves can give the hair a tousled look without having to do too much when it comes to styling.

Pixie Cuts With Fun Colors

If you want to really make your hair pop, consider highlighting your hair with fun colors like blue or purple. Or, if you really want to go all out, you can try dyeing your hair one vibrant shade.