17 Prom Nail-Art Ideas That Are Anything but Boring

With prom fast approaching, your outfit isn't the only consideration to keep in mind. From makeup to hair, there's a lot of intricate planning that goes into the final look. However, no detail subtly takes your prom aesthetic to the next level quite like trendy nail art.

Whether it's due to buzzy shows like "Euphoria" or viral TikTok videos, intricate nail-art designs have seen a resurgence in popularity over the last few years. Bonus: they're the perfect way to express your individual style.

Whether your prom outfit is understated, glam, or head turning, there are plenty of nail designs to choose from for your big night. However, with so much manicure inspiration across Instagram and TikTok's For You page, it can be hard to pick just one design that channels your beauty vibe. We're helping you with nail beautification by whittling down those intimidating nail-art inspiration photos.

From matte finishes to pastel colors to shimmery looks, we've put together the best prom nail-art ideas for your mood board. Keep scrolling for the ultimate inspiration.


Prom Nails For Retro Dresses or Suits

Give classic French tips a retro twist with a bold, color-blocking combo. This manicure would pair well with bright or multicolored dresses or suits channeling the '60s, '70s, or '80s.


Prom Nails For Bright, Colorful Dresses or Suits

Pastel nails go perfectly with pretty much any clothing color. This nail art, which combines powdery shades with tiny floral designs, would pair perfectly with a bright getup or something with floral details.


Prom Nails For a Red Dress or Tuxedo

Minimalism will never go out of style. If you're looking for something understated yet eye-catching, try this dual-color French manicure with a red or white dress or tuxedo. You can also line the edges with glitter to make the colors pop.


Prom Nails For Velvet Dresses or Suits

Wearing velvet to the prom? Pair your outfit with something like these translucent acrylic nails, which are more matte in finish. The blue-green color palette is optional.


Prom Nails For a Little Black Dress or Pantsuit

If you're wearing a timeless color like black, opt for an equally neutral-colored nail polish. The dainty red hearts on top of the base add a surprising twist while still keeping things simple.


Prom Nails For an Artsy Dress or Suit

If you're a fan of bold colors and color-blocking, this nail art is perfect for you — it combines all of the above.


Prom Nails For White Dresses or Suits

Wearing white to prom is a bold move (be careful with that red punch), so try a minimalist, negative-space nail-art look with subtle swirls of white.


Prom Nails For Green Dresses or Suits

If you're going green this prom, you'll want to keep your manicure in the same earth-toned color family. Adding tiny details — like this negative-space floral design — makes for the perfect accent.


Prom Nails For Colorful Tulle Dresses

Tulle dresses add a bit of whimsy to any prom look, so choose a nail design that's equally sheer and playful.


Prom Nails For Pink Dresses or Suits

Red and pink pair well, but why choose between them? Try a diffused manicure in a red-and-pink ombre combination.


Prom Nails For Animal-Print Outfits

No matter what animal print you go with, this manicure look — which combines a little of everything — will complement your look.


Prom Nails For Sequined Dresses

Burgundy and reds radiate royal vibes, and this nail-art look is no exception. Pair these glittery details with a sequined burgundy dress or tux.


Prom Nails For Princess Dresses or Pink Suits

Look pretty in pink with this negative-space look. The pops of bubblegum pink and orange would pair perfectly with a princess dress or a bubblegum-pink suit.


Prom Nails For Silk Dresses or Suits

Silk can be high-shine and dramatic, so pair it with a matte manicure finish. This blue iteration's sophisticated gold embellishments would look great with gold jewelry.


Prom Nails For Yellow-Toned Outfits

If your dress or suit is yellow, black, or gold, this marble nail art will complete the look perfectly.


Prom Nails If You're Wearing Pearl Jewelry

If you're wearing pearls, gemstones, or jewels, go with this turquoise take on a French manicure.


Prom Nails For Patterned Dresses or Suits

Any patterned dress or suit (think: checkers, polka dots, or stripes) will pair nicely with this red-and-white manicure.