Do Rihanna's Blotting Sheets Double as Rolling Papers? (Asking For a Friend)

After Rihanna debuted blotting sheets ($16) for her Fenty Beauty collection, some fans thought it was a totally different product. Among other buzz about the brand (most importantly that it's one of the most inclusive brands to ever launch), people have been taking note that the blotting sheets look a little like rolling papers. Rihanna has long been open in public about her love of marijuana — she's worn weed-printed shirts, smoked in music videos, and taken plenty of photos with it. Back in 2015, there was even a (killed) rumor Rihanna was launching a line of cannabis products called "MaRihanna" — so you can see why people would come to this conclusion.

Rihanna released pink rolling papers.
A visionary. An icon. True Caribbean angel

— LUIGI (@jerad_js) September 8, 2017

Packaged in a lipstick-size pink container with a convenient mirror, the sheets don't come in the usual singles, but rather an entire roll to rip off as needed. You can understand why fans were hopeful Rihanna just cleverly disguised the weed essential to be Sephora-friendly. The verdict is still out on its "dual purpose," but we can at least confirm the sheets are super effective for eradicating oily skin.

Rihanna said at her launch event that she prefers the matte look and likes to finish off her makeup application with these sheets because you only want to glow in certain parts of your face (like the cheekbones!). When we tested it out, it took two palm-size sheets to target the T-Zone and chin. Just a few dabs, and unsightly grease was gone. We'd say buy multiples, but the smart, reusable design makes it so you'll only have to buy paper refills ($10).

Over on Twitter, several folks have been coming to the same conclusion re: rolling papers. Read on for some of the their reactions.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Invisimatte Blotting Paper

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Invisimatte Blotting Paper

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