55 Tiny Animal Tattoos You'll Want to Get Done Right Now

Finding something meaningful enough to get tattooed on your body forever is sometimes a daunting task. With animals especially, there's often an additional pressure to create hyperrealistic, larger-than-life pieces that not everyone has the time, money, or willingness to commit to. Luckily, these tiny animal tattoos prove that less can be more, providing tons of inspiration for animal-lovers and pet owners alike. Whether you're looking for a design that reminds you of your own fur baby or just want an homage to an animal you love, these tattoos are modern, minimal, and just plain cute. As an added bonus, all of them are small enough to conceal if need be (although once you get one, you probably won't be able to stop showing it off).

Whale of a Time

Subtle Snake

Minimal Bunny

Hello Kitten

Bird's Eye View

Follow the Leader

Fish Song

Chic Cheetah

Two of a Kind

The Tortoise and the Hare

Puppy Portrait

Birds of a Feather

Manta Ray

Subtle Scorpion

Man's Best Friend

Paw Prints

Mini Cormorant

Always Connected

Likkle Red Bee

Dog Outlined

Puppy Eyes

The Cat Jumped Over the Moon

Under the Sea

Pug Life

Humming Along

Lovely Ladybug

Double Dolphins

Dreamy Dog

Sit and Stay

Love You the Longest

Bird's-Eye View

Black Cat


Llama Love

Sly Fox

Elephant in the Room

Puppy Love

Petite Panda

Playing Chicken

Glass Half Full

A Little Bird Told Me

Keep Your Chin Up

Oh Whale

Tiny Turtle

In Full Bloom

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Koala Cuddles

Hummingbird Song