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Witchy Tattoos: From Witches' Brooms, Black Cats, and Sage

These Witchy Tattoos Will Put a Spell on You

  • Witchy tattoos are a popular choice for Halloween-lovers.
  • Witch designs make for the best magic tattoos.
  • Whether your style is vintage witchy tattoos, small witchy tattoos, or all of the above, we have inspo for your next Halloween tattoo.

If your weekend activities include reading tarot cards, charging your crystals, and casting spells, you've probably considered getting a witchy tattoo โ€” if you don't already have one. From small ghosts to black cats, witches' brooms, and bundles of sage, these popular symbols make surprisingly cute magic tattoos.

Tattoos have always been a way for people to express themselves, and although witchcraft tattoos aren't a new phenomenon, the upcoming spooky season has us seeing a resurgence in popularity. Truly, there's no better way to showcase your unique witch personality than with a marker that resonates with you on a spiritual level. Like with any other tattoo, the symbols can be as tiny or as big as you'd like them to be, and the more unique to you, the better.

As for placement, witch hand tattoos, as well as witch finger tattoos, make your love for the topic public, while more discrete designs in hidden places keep it your own little secret. If you're in need of some witchy tattoo inspiration or you just want to marvel at the fellow witches out there that already committed to an insanely cool design, keep reading.

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