America Ferrera Says Her 2 Kids Are "Too Young" to Know She's Starring in "Barbie"

America Ferrera has a lot to celebrate. She's starring in the summer's most anticipated movie, "Barbie," and she rang in 12 years of marriage with her husband Ryan Piers Williams on June 28. "Of course I arrive in Australia to gorgeous anniversary flowers because you are a King @ryanpierswilliams," she wrote on Instagram, per People.

In addition to sharing a longtime love, Ferrera and Williams also have two children, though Ferrera generally keeps her kids' lives pretty private. Since tying the knot with Williams in June 27, 2011, the pair have welcomed a son and a daughter.

Overall, it seems like Ferrera prefers to keep her work life separate from her family. In fact, her kids aren't even really aware that their mom is starring in "Barbie" — though that has more to do with their ages than anything else. "They don't really have any context for it," Ferrera told People in 2022. "So one day [they might care]. But not now, they're still too young."

Ferrera did provide some rare insight into her home life in 2021 when she opened up about giving birth to her daughter during the height of the pandemic, per E! News. "Things were really quite scary," she told the outlet. "I really found myself having to take very deep breaths and try to keep a larger perspective and really trying to connect on some level, even just on a heart level, to all the other moms globally, and truly across time, who have had to be pregnant and give birth and raise children in unsure and scary times and unsure and scary circumstances."

The stress didn't ease up when she brought her daughter home. "It was definitely survival mode for a lot of it," she said of having a newborn during the pandemic. "I had a C-section and I, myself, was recovering and, you know, everything that comes along with being postpartum and learning to adapt to being a mother, now of two children, without the help or the community that I might normally have around me: Friends and family and other resources that would help make that time feel lighter."

The experience also "further highlighted the huge gaping disparities between what some parents and children have access to and what others don't," Ferrera also told the outlet. "I have always been a pretty empathetic human being, but once I became a mother, the thought of other parents not being able to provide for their children what they want to provide for their children is heart-shattering."

Keep reading to learn what we know about the Ferrera and Williams's two kids, and check out the few photos they've shared publicly.

Sebastian Piers Williams

Ferrera and Williams welcomed their first child, a son named Sebastian, on May 29, 2018, after announcing Ferrera's pregnancy on New Year's Eve 2017. "When 2 become 3," she wrote on her Instagram birth announcement. "Welcome Sebastian Piers Williams — aka Baz! Mom, Dad, and Baby are happy, healthy and totally in love!" How cute is his nickname?!

Since his birth, Ferrera and Williams have both kept their son pretty private, photographing him from far away or behind, or in the case of the above photo, with an emoji over his face. But we can tell a cutie when we see one, and Baz looks like an adorable toddler.

Lucia Marisol Williams

Ferrera and Williams's second child, a daughter named Lucia, was born on May 4, 2020, nearly two full years after Sebastian. On Mother's Day of that year, Ferrera and Williams both shared a sweet first photo of their little one's hand. In her now-deleted photo's caption, Ferrera wrote: "LUCIA MARISOL WILLIAMS 🌟arrived on May 4th to give me my Mother's Day hugs and kisses herself. Mama, Dada & Big Brother are over the moon to welcome her bright light to our family." Williams followed up his wife's post with his own, which read: "The most exquisite little creature graced us with her presence on May 4, 2020. Please meet the newest member of our family, Lucia Marisol Williams. She came just in time for Mother's Day. Everyone is healthy and happy!"

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