12 of the Best TikTok Accounts to Follow ASAP

After the death of Vine back in 2017, there suddenly existed a gap in the app world when it came to finding short videos that could still guarantee big laughs. TikTok had actually already been around since 2016, but it wasn't taken too seriously at first, only recently having gotten a massive surge in popularity (tons of celebrities are on it now). In addition to its original pull of lip-synching and dance challenges, today TikTok has proven itself to be a hub for creators of many varieties. A lot of the time, TikTok is driven by trends and its creators using said trends to produce their own, individual take. These trends are often sound bits on the app, popularized dances, DIYs, life hacks, and more. Nonetheless, TikTok has emerged into an app of its own right and is followed in the mainstream. Here are some of the best creators to follow.



Glitterandlazers is a TikTok user who sports some of the cutest outfits on the app. But in addition to clothes, she posts about Star Wars, Christmas dancing, workouts, relatable moments, and more. Positively, she's a beacon of light on the app.



Aisha is a 17-year-old who graduated early, makes amazing art, and, on top of all that, is one of the funniest creators on the TikTok app. She nails what it's like to wing it through stress-fueled chaos, which is why we love her. Plus, she loves things like Star vs. the Forces of Evil and Disney in general, so we can relate.



Honestly, nailthoughts is the most satisfying account to follow on TikTok. With her manicure business, she's constantly painting perfectly done nail art onto clients with creative requests. She's done stained glass nails, candy canes, Tartan print, and more.



Katie Jo creates TikToks alongside her fiancé about musical theater and the tropes within its performance. They're so spot-on, between the dramatic exits that male characters do and the humble bows that female actors seem all too used to. Recently, the two got engaged, and you can even see a TikTok of that!



Salinakilla combines her talents of dance, makeup artistry, musicality, and general creativity to produce complete stories within the short span of single TikToks. Cyborgs, elves, and vampires fill Salinakilla's feed for hours of entertainment.



You might recognize Sarah Schauer from Vine, where she did the popularized series of videos on the trials waitresses have to put up with when it comes to picky clientele. Now, Sarah has soared to new heights on TikTok, where she posts some of the most relatable content for women, especially bisexual women. Her videos are defined by their honesty and quick-witted humor.



To make a long story short, you know who Brittany Broski is. She's the "Kombucha Girl" whose video became popular in the Summer of 2019, but she has even more content that's just as iconic coming out on a daily basis. Brittany truly has her own sense of humor that you can't find anywhere else on the app that's defined by her lack of fear in looking ridiculous (though she's beautiful and even got to recently collaborate with Trixie Mattel).



Grace Reiter's content ranges from spoofing the ridiculous plots of One Direction fan fiction on Wattpad to reminiscing about those old Barbie movies like Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper. She's undeniably creative and hits you right in those deep-seated memories you forgot you had from middle school.



Mona is one of the most awesome TikTokers on the app. Her Princess Tiana cosplay video, in which she sings "Almost There" from the hit Disney film The Princess and the Frog, is so addicting to watch not only because Mona is an incredibly talented singer but because she looks so happy while she's doing it.



Tyler, aka ghosthoney, is the person to follow if you want content that's as silly as it is whimsical. He has themes of ghosts, ghouls, ravens, and witchcraft all over his TikTok account, while also taking time to make videos about how people only enjoy ginger ale on airplanes. He's a balanced creator with content for any Halloween fanatic to gush over.



What can we say about Ryan Kelly beyond the fact that he's super lovable? Ryan works at Disneyland and constantly shares the magic of his career with his followers so they can see what joy the park brings to kids. He also talks candidly about being Darth Vader at a child's birthday party once and having single moms flirt with him.



Lara, aka lgquinny, posts hilarious content from what appears to be an unfinished attic. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Lara is constantly making jokes about what it was like to grow up without her parents' knowledge of her sexuality. Now, Lara posts wholesome videos about visiting her girlfriend, but she also has hilarious videos about men on the internet, her cat, a pink cowgirl hat, and a few existential crises here and there.