Our 15 Favorite Videos Starring Emma Chamberlain and the Dolan Twins

When I think of YouTube, I immediately think of Emma Chamberlain. After the YouTuber's channel spiked in popularity a few years ago, it's like I can't escape from her realm. She's either on my YouTube "Suggested" page, or she's on the cover of a magazine I glance at while checking out at the grocery store. Emma and the Dolan Twins have been friends for a few years now, and have been collaborating on YouTube since the beginning of their friendship. Now, it seems as if their bond is tighter than ever, and you can scroll through the gallery to watch 15 videos that prove it. And yes, of course James Charles is in most of them . . . because sisterhood is forever.

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When the Dolan Twins Actually Became Emma For a Day

They say the more you hang out with a person, the more you pick up on their habits and adopt them as your own. The Dolans went full force with that idea in this video.

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When They All Took a Road Trip to Vegas With James Charles

One of the highlights of living in LA is living so close to Vegas, and the Sister Squad decided to take advantage of that perk in this video.

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When They Bought Each Other's Outfits

The true test of friendship is being able to shop for your friends, and the Sister Squad passed with flying colors.

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When Things Got Weird With the Sister Squad

Being hypnotized is pretty freaky in and of itself. When you're with your friends, it can get even weirder.

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When Emma and the Dolan Twins All Had One Thing in Common

That one thing is that they all dropped out of high school to pursue YouTube. In this video, the trio put themselves to the test to see if they still have book smarts.

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When Things Got Spooky

Haunted Houses are terrifying, but haunted houses with friends are slightly less horrific. Follow the Sister Squad through this haunted house and laugh with them along the way.

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When They All Became MUAs For a Day

The only thing funnier than watching Emma Chamberlain, who is known for not caking her face in makeup, apply makeup like an MUA is watching the Dolan twins apply makeup like an MUA.

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When Emma Decided to Test Her Vegetarian Limits and Eat Meat

The Dolan Twins are to blame for this video, where they encouraged their best friend, Emma, to eat meat after being a vegetarian for her whole life. Spoiler alert: she thinks plant-based meat substitutions taste exactly the same as the real thing.

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When Their Friendship Proved Strong Through the Act of Gift Giving

Buying gifts for your friends can be insanely difficult, but it's crazy that this squad always gets it right. Every. Time.

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When They Proved Imitation Truly Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

The Sister Squad knows each other well enough to truly morph into one another, and that's exactly what happens in this video.

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When They Channeled Their Holiday Spirit and Built This Gingerbread Mansion

Things got heated in the kitchen when James Charles invited Emma and the Dolan twins over for an afternoon of gingerbread house making. In this video, the four friends did their best to make their gingerbread house a gingerbread home.

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When They Blessed Us With a Casual Mukbang

Mukbangs do count as content, and here's why: they give you an inside look at what your favorite YouTuber's conversations are like. If you grab a plate of food too, then it's like you're eating with them, and who wouldn't want to have a meal with the Sister Squad?

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When They Had a Meet-and-Greet With Santa

Emma, the Dolans, and James decided their group needed just one more, and the lucky winner was Santa Claus. In this video, the Sister Squad treks their way to the mall, where they show their holiday spirit and make friends with Santa along the way.

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When the Sister Squad Filmed Their Reaction to Getting Hypnotized

The only thing weirder than actually being hypnotized is watching yourself be hypnotized. Watch as the Sister Squad reacts to their hypnosis and absolutely freak out over it.

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When Emma Wanted to Embrace Her Newfound LA Girl Sense of Style

The best part about fashion is that it differs no matter where you are in the world. Since moving to LA, Emma has been trying to figure out who she really is, and luckily, the Sister Squad is here to help.