I Wasn’t Planning on Crying Today, Then I Saw Eugene Levy Accept His Lifetime Achievement Award

If Eugene Levy thought he'd be accepting a Lifetime Achievement Award on his own, he was sorely mistaken. On Aug. 11, just as Levy was getting ready to accept the award from the Newport Beach Film Festival, he was brought to tears by a tribute from some well-known faces. It seemed everyone important in his life had something to say: there were appearances from his real-life kids Sarah and Dan Levy, his Schitt's Creek castmates, his old Second City Television buddies, and even past comedy partners like Steve Martin and Martin Short.

Apparently not everyone got the memo that this was a lifetime achievement award as some wished Levy a happy birthday, and his American Pie costar Jason Biggs eulogized him after being under the impression it was for a memorial. However, everyone was on the same page with how much they love Levy, how much they loved working with him, and how much he deserved the award. You can watch the full video above to see, as Emily Hampshire put it, the "sweetest, kindest, longest-talking dad" accept a well-earned achievement.