No Mystery to Solve Here — We're Just Basking in the Love of Omar and Hélène Sy

If you've watched Lupin on Netflix, you've probably found yourself wondering about its star: Omar Sy — and more specifically, his relationship status. Unlike the show, Omar is happily married to Siyah Organics CEO Hélène Sy and they have five children together. The two tied the knot in July 2007 after dating for 10 years.

For their anniversary last year, Hélène shared a heartfelt tribute on Instagram, in which she reflected on their time together. "I remember the day we got married, & I got to say I do. I knew my life had begun & I am thankful for everyday, the ups and even the downs, that you get to spend with me," she wrote. "I am so thankful for the amazing husband and friend you are to me. and the devoted loving father you are to our children."

As we wait for part two of Lupin to premiere on June 11, flip through some of Omar and Hélène's cutest moments ahead.