10 Times Louis Partridge and Millie Bobby Brown's Bond Gave Holmes and Watson a Run For Their Money

There's a reason Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge's chemistry felt so natural in Enola Holmes. The pair became fast friends prior to filming the movie, and their bond grew even stronger over the course of the shoot. While there's still no word on whether or not we'll get a sequel and more onscreen antics from Enola Holmes and Lord Tewksbury, we do at least still get to see the pair interact in real life. Whether they're teasing each other in interviews, reminiscing over behind-the-scenes tidbits from Enola Holmes, or showing their love on social media, it's clear the two made an impact on one another.

"Louis and I worked very hard at bonding and creating a very close bond so that [the relationship] looked as realistic as possible. And luckily, now he's just one of my closest friends," Millie said in a previous interview with Girlfriend. If you're looking to fill the Enola Holmes-shaped hole in your heart, check out some of their cutest friendship moments ahead.

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When Louis Proved Just How Well He Knew Millie


When Millie Left Louis a Sweet Note on His First Day of Filming

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When Louis Accidentally Friendzoned Enola Holmes During Word Association


When Millie Had the Cutest Reaction to Louis's Audition

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When Millie Was Initially Terrified of Meeting Louis Because She Wanted Him to Like Her


When Louis Gave Millie a Shout-Out About Her Belief in Him

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When Millie Pranked Louis on the Set of Enola Holmes

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When Louis and Millie Revealed Their Natural Bond Was Due to FaceTime

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When Millie and Louis Showed Off Their Artistic "Skills"