5 Fascinating Facts About Enola Holmes Star Louis Partridge

As the charming Lord Tewksbury in Enola Holmes, Louis Partridge is sure to steal your heart quicker than you can say "the game is afoot!" Although you may have seen him before (he's appeared in Paddington 2 and Medici), his role in Netflix's Enola Holmes proves he's certainly one to watch — especially given his ability to hold his own with costar Millie Bobby Brown. The 17-year-old British actor — who is still in school in the UK — plans to continue acting once he graduates, which is excellent news for us. He currently has a few projects in the pipeline, including 2021's The Lost Girls, which is a darker take on Peter Pan and follows an older Wendy. Until then, get to know all about the talented actor.


He's Friends With Millie Bobby Brown

Although Louis was initially starstruck by Millie during their first meeting, the pair eventually became friends during filming. "We'd be talking on set and joking and doing whatever . . . acting with Millie . . . made me sort of forget where I was," he said in a recent interview with MTV. When asked by I-D what it was like working with Millie, he responded, "Having her as a friend gave me a sort of freedom to try new things, because I knew if I did something wrong she would just laugh and it would be fine."


He Loves Music

While he's been teaching himself to play piano, his favorite era of music is the 1980s. "If it's '80s, I'll like it," he told MTV in a previous interview. Some of his favorite bands include The Strokes, The Smiths, and The Cure.


He's Never Had Any Formal Acting Training

Louis landed his first major role in 2016's Amazon Adventure. Since then, he's balanced being a regular student and an actor taking on roles in Paddington 2 and on Medici. He even found out about his role as Lord Tewksbury in Enola Holmes while on his way to take an exam. He hasn't taken any acting classes or gone to drama school; instead, he finds inspiration from the careers of actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Timothée Chalamet.


He Initially Wanted to Be a Model

Louis has an interest in fashion, recently telling British Vogue that he enjoys it "a bit too much." While he initially had aspirations to be a model, he's been told several times he isn't tall enough to be a runway model. And when it comes to his fashion choices, he's not hindered by a clothing's designated gender. "I often wear quite a lot of women's clothes. I like the fact that Tewksbury represents something that you don't see all too much," he told MTV in reference to what he and his Enola Holmes character have in common.


He Took Home Part of His Enola Holmes Costume

To keep himself calm during press for Enola Holmes, he wore the same socks his character wears in his first scene with Enola. "They're the same color as his suit — nothing special — from somewhere very cheap. But they're sentimental," he said to I-D.