We're Going to Miss Little Fires Everywhere, but at Least We'll Always Have These Cute Moments

Little Fires Everywhere has officially come to an end after a dramatic first season. Aside from the fact that the show is based on Celeste Ng's book of the same name, we're obsessed with its stacked cast! Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington play the lead roles of Elena Richardson and Mia Warren, respectively, and Joshua Jackson stars as Elena's husband, Bill, but can we just take a moment to talk about all the young breakout stars? Yes, we're talking about Lexi Underwood, Megan Stott, Gavin Lewis, Jade Pettyjohn, and Jordan Elsass! Not only are they extremely talented, but for many of them, this was their first major role. But, trust us — it won't be their last. Keep reading for a look at the cast's cutest moments together.