Presley Gerber's Best Instagrams Have Us Suspecting That He's Allergic to Shirts

When your mom is international modeling sensation Cindy Crawford, there's a good chance you'll inherit some pretty good genes. Luckily, that was the case for Cindy's 20-year-old son Presley Gerber, who's following in his mama's footsteps (and looking really gorgeous while doing it). He and his younger sister, Kaia, are both models in their own right, with Presley having made his runway debut back in 2016. If there's one thing we know about Presley from his Instagram (besides the fact that he's really, really, really ridiculously good-looking), it's that he truly has no patience for shirts. To be fair, he does spend much of his time at the beach, but these pics have us believing that Presley is far better suited to that shirtless life.


When He Showed Off His Many Tats at the Beach


When He Tried to Avoid a Farmer's Tan While Catching Rays on a Dock


When the Only Coverage He Needed Was This Sweet Puppy


When He Had Hat Hair but Didn't Care Because His Abs Looked So Good


When He Shared a Shirtless Bro Moment With Fellow Model Ryan Frederick


When He Showed Off His Absolutely Perfect Abdominals


When He and Tattoo Artist Rafael Valdez Didn't Keep Their Wetsuits on For Long


When He Sported This Bandana With No Shirt, and We Didn't Hate It


When He Looked So Much Like His Model Mama That It Hurt


When He and His Pals Rocked the Boat (Sans Shirts, of Course)


When He Wore This Incredibly On-Point Halloween Costume


When He Had This Badass Shirt-Free Moment