Tracee Ellis Ross's Song About Making a Voting Plan Has Chart-Topping Potential, TBH

Tracee Ellis Ross has dropped the banger of 2020. Less than a week before the presidential election, the actress shared a song encouraging her Instagram followers to make a voting plan, and, as one may expect of the reigning Instagram queen, it freakin' slaps.

Donning a glorious suit and blue "vote" face paint, she dramatically clears her throat several times and begins, "Make a voting plan, and when you make a plan, you'll feel better than when you began. If you haven't, you should make one as fast as you can." She then calls on her fans to "bring a friend" and proceeds to rattle off a handful of names that rhyme with "plan," including Jan, Dan, Fran, Susanne, Anne, Joanne, and "don't forget Roxanne!" Tracee, who already cast her ballot early this year, also weaves in a few other helpful tidbits for anyone planning to hit the polls on Nov. 3, including, "If you feel irregular, maybe you should eat some bran."

After seemingly running out of words that rhyme with "plan," the Black-ish star adds in a more serious message for those watching. "Get up, pull up, stand up, show up. And guess what? Voting is not the end of the story. Voting is only part of the story. Once we get done what we need to get done, then we hold those elected officials accountable." She concludes by matter-of-factly, saying, "I'm not well, but boy, do I care," and whew, we felt that to our core.

While posting the video on Instagram, she shared some helpful reminders about how to ensure your vote is counted this year. "It may be too late to mail your ballot because the Post Office has been crippled, so use official drop boxes or protect yourself & go vote in person," she wrote. "It's never been more important to use your voice at the polls so let's do this!!"