Ella Emhoff's Rumored Boyfriend, Sam Hine, Sounds Like Quite the Catch

Ella Emhoff appears to be off the market! The 21-year-old model and stepdaughter of Vice President Kamala Harris has been the subject of romance rumors as of late after she was spotted on a dinner date in February with a man by the name of Sam Hine. Most recently, the two were photographed holding hands while out and about in New York City. Although they make an extremely stylish pair, neither Ella nor Sam have publicly addressed the speculation about their relationship. So, as we wait for more details to unfold, get to know more about Sam ahead — we wonder if he's met Kamala and Doug Emhoff yet!


He's a Virgo

Based on his Instagram, Sam's birthday is on Aug. 26, 1993, making him 28 years old and a Virgo. Virgos are best known for being realists and telling the truth. They are really good planners and organizers, but they also enjoy spontaneity and having fun.


He's a Pro at Taking Selfies

One look at Sam's Instagram, and it's easy to see that he appreciates the art of taking a good selfie. From mirror shots to street-style snaps, it's clear that Sam knows his angles.


He's a GQ Editor

Given all of his fashionable photos, it's no surprise that Sam is the senior associate editor of GQ and GQ Style. Some of his past work includes a profile on Henry Golding, a guide to the best menswear stores in LA, and an interview with John Mayer, which is actually one of his favorite pieces. "He was just so down to talk about fashion minutia and underground bootleg T-shirt brands and stuff like that," Sam told Grailed. "John nerds out about all of it as much as we do at GQ. He told me how obsessed he was with a random Instagram story where Virgil [Abloh] laid down the perfect spray paint ombre on a pair of sunglasses. He's in so deep." Sam is also the cohost of GQ's weekly Corporate Lunch podcast.


He Lives in New York

Sam grew up in Chicago, but he moved to New York to pursue a career in fashion. "I got an internship with Antonio Ciongoli when he was creative director of Eidos," he previously told Grailed. "I got paid in clothes and spent the summer soaking up as much about how the industry works as possible."