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Best Saturday Night Live Sketches

20 of the Best Saturday Night Live Sketches of All Time

Best Saturday Night Live Sketches
Image Source: YouTube user Saturday Night Live

Ever since it first hit the airwaves in 1975, Saturday Night Live has been giving us a serious case of the laughs. The series has introduced us to the most eccentric and silly characters of all time, from Chris Farley's turbo-charged motivational speaker to Kristen Wiig's punchy Target Lady. So, which are the sketches every comedy enthusiast needs to watch? As Lorne Michaels's baby is a well-oiled machine, there are literally thousands of SNL skits out there. It's no joke to boil down the series to its very best, but we've managed to find the most LOL-worthy moments throughout its four decades of existence. Whether you are into the goofy, wholesome humor of David S. Pumpkins or can't help giggling over the double entendre of "Schweddy Balls," you'll definitely find a laugh among these 20 iconic Saturday Night Live sketches!

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