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Game of Thrones Song of Fire and Ice Theory

Could a Song Be the Key to Solving the Biggest Mystery in Game of Thrones?

With the final season of Game of Thrones quickly approaching, we can't help but wonder how the series will answer the boatload of questions we've incurred over the last seven seasons. Our search for answers has led us to some pretty wild theories, especially when it comes to answering the most important question of all: How will Westeros defeat the White Walkers? After all, if the Night King's army isn't defeated in some way, any battle over the Iron Throne is considered moot because everyone will be Wight chow. Luckily Reddit user typinginmybed has suggested a method that we hadn't considered before: music.

As typinginmybed notes, we've seen the White Walkers go down when they're met with weapons that involve magic, like dragon glass (which George R.R. Martin confirmed to be magic), Valyrian magic-infused steel, and dragon fire (magical creatures). So what if they could be defeated by another type of magic that we've witnessed, but never really given much attention to — like the spell-like power of song? Or, even better, a song of prophecy that induces some powerful magic?

Before you start wondering if we've all been sipping on some weird Kool-Aid, hear us out: Martin has said before that the answer to everything has been staring us all in the face; what else could be more glaringly obvious than the title of the entire book saga, A Song of Ice and Fire? Fans have long believed that the title refers to either Jon Snow, who, as the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, is the living song of ice and fire, or the relationship between Jon and Daenerys, who are the living embodiments of ice and fire, respectively. The Redditor's theory posits that the song is an actual song that's needed to defeat the Night King's army.

"First of all, we know that there is the prophecy of the prince that was promised, which involves a song. This means that there is an actual song, but as to what this song is, we don't know," they write. Despite how funny it would be to imagine GoT showrunners throwing us for a loop and busting out a musical episode during the Great Battle of Winterfell, we don't believe the song actually has to be a lyrical masterpiece. The song can easily be used as an incantation, similar to how Melissandre and Thoros of Myr use incantations in to resurrect Jon and Beric Dondarrion respectively. Those two are prime examples of how words can be used to apply magic. But if there is an actual song to be sung, there's a specific person that the Redditor believes can sing it.

"Perhaps this is where the song, whatever it is, comes in, and the person imbued with the blood of fire and the blood of ice who sings this song will destroy the White Walkers finally," they write.

Here's where Jon and Dany come in. Both have pretty equal chances of being the Prince that was Promised, referenced as the song of fire and ice by Rhaegar himself. They both have dealt with a fair amount of magic in their lives: Dany is the mother of dragons and a Targaryen, so magic and a strong connection to fire is in her blood. Jon was not only brought back to life by magic, but is also half Stark — who are said to have a connection with all things winter (aka ice), some more than othersand half Targaryen. So magic, ice, and fire are all up and through him!

So, Jon and Dany are already caught up in all that Prince that was Promised business, meaning they truly could be the key to all of this. If the theory holds true, one of them (or both) could "sing" the song that ends all the Walkers for good and lead the way to killing the Night King. They might not deal the fatal blow themselves, but they will definitely be the unsung heroes of the battle. Whether or not they survive is a whole other deal.

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