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Is Ghost Still Alive on Game of Thrones?

Everyone Is Wondering If Ghost Survived the Battle of Winterfell, and We Have an Answer

Is Ghost Still Alive on Game of Thrones?
Image Source: HBO

Warning: Serious Game of Thrones spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution.

As expected, the Battle of Winterfell on Game of Thrones was both epic and deadly. Although all of the major players survived to fight another day (and another battle), their armies did sustain heavy losses, including some beloved characters who have been around since the earliest days of the series. One character went into battle and wasn't seen again, leading to some seriously horrified reactions from fans watching the event live. Ghost, Jon Snow's beloved direwolf, starts the battle in the front line, but disappears amid the onslaught.

Never fear, we've got good news! If you watch the trailer for the upcoming fourth episode closely, there's a shot of a large group of people just outside the gates of Winterfell — and Ghost is visible with Jon. Although Ghost hasn't been present much in the show lately, he was spotted just last week in the background of another shot and has apparently been chilling out at Winterfell all this time while Jon headed out to meet Dany in season seven. In reality, it's likely that Ghost hasn't been onscreen much because he's not crucial to the story, and his CGI is too time-consuming and expensive to constantly include for no real narrative purpose.

Ghost is one of only two direwolves still left alive, along with Arya's Nymeria, who has been living in the wild since season one. The wolves belonging to the other Stark children have been killed by the family's enemies, either as revenge or in the act of protecting their masters. And for all the violence we're used to on Game of Thrones, it seems like the possibility of killing off "the dog" got some of the most emotional responses from viewers. Read on for some of the best of fans' reactions to not knowing if Ghost was alive, and their relief when the trailer revealed him to be safe.

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