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Hottest Doctor on Grey's Anatomy 2016

Who's the Hottest Male Doctor on Grey's Anatomy Right Now?

Now that Grey's Anatomy is officially on Winter hiatus, we're looking for ways to pass the time. To help ease the pain of the unbearable wait until 2017, we thought we'd settle a debate once and for all: who's the hottest male doctor on the show? Now, it's no secret that Grey's is jam-packed with sexy men in scrubs, but only one can take the title. Still drowning in the piercing eyes of Jackson Avery? Or have newcomers like DeLuca or Riggs found a place in your heart?

Note: The winner as of 11:59 p.m. on Dec 27 is Alex Karev! Your votes will no longer be counted.

Image Source: ABC
Who Is the Hottest Doctor on Grey's Anatomy?
Jackson Avery
Alex Karev
Nathan Riggs
Andrew DeLuca
Owen Hunt
Ben Warren
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