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How Does King Ezekiel Die in The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead: Did You Catch This Major โ€” and Heartbreaking โ€” Foreshadowing?

Image Source: AMC

Spoilers for The Walking Dead below!

My heart sunk a little during tonight's episode of The Walking Dead while watching King Ezekiel lose his sh*t as he watches his people die. Although he doesn't die physically this week, mentally, he's already gone after watching the gruesome ambush. We see Ezekiel start to spiral as he declares that he isn't a king anymore โ€” he is just "some guy."

It looks like The Walking Dead is grooming us for King Ezekiel's death with some major foreshadowing. The weird guy in the glasses reveals this when he says, "Negan was hoping to have your ass chained to the Sanctuary fence . . . but your head on a pike will do just fine." With this information, it looks like King Ezekiel's death might play out like it did in the comics.

In the "All Out War" storyline from the comic books, King Ezekiel spirals into a depression and questions himself as a leader. Michonne, whom he is romantically involved with in the comics, leaves him after the last big battle with Negan, and Ezekiel goes after her. When he does, he encounters a frightening new group called the Whisperers and their leader, Alpha, who decapitates Ezekiel and spikes his head on a wooden stake.

Image Source: Image ComicsImage Source: Image Comics

But wait, there's more! Andrea and Michonne encounter his reanimated spiked head and Andrea is the one to finish him off, because Michonne "can't even" at that point. It all reminds me of a fairy tale straight out of The Brothers Grimm. It's unclear whether King Ezekiel's death will come at the hands of the Saviors or the Whisperers, but either way, he doesn't have much time left.

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