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THIS IS US -- Season: 2 --  Pictured: Jon Huertas as Miguel  -- (Photo by: Maarten de Boer/NBC)

This Is Us is full of fan-favorite characters, but there is one person who hasn't gotten enough love: Miguel. After finding out that Rebecca went on to marry him after Jack's death during season one, fans have been a bit hesitant to embrace the character. While it's certainly hard to picture Rebecca with anyone but Jack, Jon Huertas (aka the actor behind Miguel) makes a great argument for why fans should give him a chance.

"If you love Rebecca as much as you say you do, as much as you think you do, or as much as you want to, you have to trust her with what she's decided," Huertas told POPSUGAR. "You just have to give the story a chance. The writers have told me that they have a really, really interesting way of telling how Miguel and Rebecca came to be. You have to trust the writers and you have to trust that Rebecca made the right choice for the right reasons."

While the past two seasons have been leading up to how Jack dies, Huertas explains that we'll get to see even more of how Rebecca and Miguel's love story plays out next season. "It's going to be a main topic for season three," he added. "The Rebecca and Miguel relationship will play out around 2008 in our timeline. You'll definitely find out how Rebecca and Miguel fell for each other."


However, when it comes to Miguel's character, one of the biggest questions on our minds is: where is his family? We know that he was once married and has children of his own, but they haven't been mentioned in present day. Think about it: the Big Three have step-siblings we've never even met! While it might not come up in the season two finale, Huertas noted that the possible disconnect is something he's really looking forward to exploring next season.

"There hasn't been a lot of talk of why Miguel and his family are somewhat estranged, but there have been hints given to myself and Mandy [Moore] that for some reason Miguel's kids aren't really around, on their own accord," he said. "For some reason, his kids don't want to be a part of what's going on in the Pearson world."

At the very least, it sounds like an intriguing third season is on the way!

Image Source: NBC
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