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Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Trailer

The New Trailer For Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Will Have You Screaming Until It Hurts

After the high-heeled shenanigans that go down in Jurassic World, it's hard to imagine that Chris Pratt's or Bryce Dallas Howard's characters would willingly put themselves back in a situation with rogue dinosaurs. Alas, raptor-loving Owen and Claire have returned for the sequel, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. After the teaser and first two official trailers (below) showed the group's questionable decision to return, the third full trailer, which dropped on April 18, is even more exhilarating. Not only do we get more shots of Owen's beloved Blue, but also a brand new, blood-thirsty dino, which looks TERRIFYING.

The J.A. Bayona-directed sequel, which also stars Justice Smith and sees the return of Jurassic Park legend Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), follows Claire and Owen as they go back to the island that started it all to save the dinosaurs left behind from an exploding volcano. Will they succeed? And more importantly, will they survive? We'll just have to wait until its June 2018 release to find out.

Trailer 2:

Trailer 1:


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