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Randall and Beth Pearson Fight on This Is Us Video

Sterling K. Brown and Susan Kelechi Watson Break Down THAT Fight on This Is Us

This Is Us fans went for a ride on an emotional roller coaster during Tuesday night's episode. Witnessing the beginning stages and important milestones in Randall and Beth Pearson's relationship is one thing, but seeing how it all mirrors their present-day struggle is a gut punch, and a knock to the pedestal we've put their relationship on. In the episode titled, "R & B," the characters fight over their careers and Beth constantly tabling her dreams to appease her husband's. Now, Beth is now ready to put herself first, and it's a shocking reality for both of them.

Following the episode, stars Sterling K. Brown and Susan Kelechi Watson break down the fight and what it means for the beloved couple. "It was fun to go back in the past and to see how the echoes and the reverberations of what's transpiring in the present were seeded throughout," Brown says. "There's a very big personality in Randall, whose enthusiasm often gets the best of him, and his wife has just gone along."

Whew. The duo also explains that the problems they're having as a couple are never "external," it's "two people who want to be there. They're either fighting to make it better or enjoying the peace of it working." Watch it above and then check out all the details you need to know going into the finale.

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